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Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine

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  • 11 December 2023: Operating as Usual

Spinfire have taken the best all-round ball machine and made it even better with their version two release. 

Tennis ball machines are an excellent way to practice and improve your game, regardless of skill level. The Spinfire Pro 2 makes it easy to practice a wide range of shots, test yourself with a variety of pace, spin and elevation, plus extend your mobility and fitness with ample practice drills.

A number of improvements have been made over the original machine. The Spinfire Pro 2 [v2] offers things you would normally only find on a much more expensive machine. It includes internal movement, an easy-to-use control panel, a multi-function remote control and a 150-ball capacity - all wrapped in a very stylish and compact design.

Some of the Key Upgrades:

Improved Ball Variations

- The ‘Horizontal Oscillation’ function has been replaced with ‘Horizontal Random’, so it randomly selects spots across the court rather than sweeping from side to side.
- The ‘Vertical Oscillation’ function has been replaced with ‘Vertical Random’, so it randomly selects the longest or shortest points rather than sweeping up and down.
- ‘Horizontal Random’ now includes a ‘narrow’ option, rather than just ‘wide’ or ‘medium'.

Improved Portability and Practicality

- More compact design, with an extra handle at the top of the mouth when the white hopper is inverted.
- Larger transport wheels with a full axle through the body for added strength and stability.
- A slot has been added to store the included multi-function remote.

Even Better Reliability and Durability

- All electronic components have been upgraded.
- Streamlined design, including internal cabling and battery brace.

For a full list of the improvements, see here.

Core Features & Benefits

Internal Movement

Unlike most other ball machines, which change the duration of the ball by moving the whole machine from side to side, the Spinfire Pro 2 moves internally. This allows for faster re-direction and makes shots less predictable. Additionally, the internal parts are black to further disguise shot direction.

Random Modes

On both horizontal and vertical random modes, balls can be delivered through the full width of the singles court with depth variation. The Spinfire Pro 2 can be set to deliver the same trajectory over and over or a variety of random trajectories. 'Horizontal Random' can be set to deliver balls across a narrow, medium or wide area. 'Vertical Random' delivers short or long balls in a random order. Both 'Horizontal Random' and 'Vertical Random' can be combined for a very realistic playing pattern.

Two-Line Drills

This feature delivers alternating forehands and backhands. It can be set to 'wide', 'medium' or 'narrow' to vary the degree of difficulty. The 'wide' setting makes you run from side to side, 'narrow' allows you to remain in the middle of the court, with 'medium' in between the two. You can also set the timing between each ball.

Extreme Topspin & Slice Capability

Using counter rotating wheels, the Spinfire Pro 2 operates very quietly and can generate maximum topspin and backspin, if desired.

Remote Control Included

All functions can be controlled remotely, allowing the player to start or pause the machine, as well as change functions, anywhere on court.

Easy Portability

Lightweight and compact, the Spinfire Pro 2 fits in the boot of most cars. The white hopper can be reversed to neatly cover the machine. Robust wheels and an extendable handle allow you to pull or push the machine anywhere.

Lithium Upgrade

Consider the lithium [LiFePO4] battery for the lightest option, at half the weight. Lithium batteries are designed to be recharged thousands of times, many times more than a traditional standard battery. On a long-term basis, the lithium option is more economical, with a life-span of a few decades. Only the Fast Charger is available for selection with any lithium battery configuration.

Standard vs Lithium Battery

Three Power Options

You can choose to have a built-in or external battery pack. Alternatively, plug directly into mains power - or any combination of the three. The external battery pack makes the machine much lighter, allowing you to leave the machine in the car and just bring the battery inside for charging. A fast charger is also available, reducing the charging time from 11 hours to 3-4 hours. If your court has easy access to a power point, you may prefer the direct mains option.

Power Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

Which balls do you recommend?
Pressureless balls should ideally be used with any branded ball machine. Our best selling option is the Spinfire Touch

Can this machine additionally handle junior tennis balls?
Yes. Green, red and orange balls are also supported by this machine. Any junior balls should not be the oversized type.

What are the benefits to ordering an external battery model?
The machine is lighter and allows only the external battery pack to be brought to the power point. Customers usually select the external battery if they plan on storing or charging the battery in a different location to the machine.

Is the battery itself the same whether I opt for an internal or external battery?
Yes. There is no performance difference.

If I choose the internal battery option, can I replace the battery at a later point?
Yes. The process takes less than 30 minutes. Video instructions are available.

Can I order more than one power configuration?
Yes. This product listing only supports the selection of one of the three power configurations though [internal battery, external battery, mains AC]. To order a second power configuration, add the second product to your basket. For example, if you would like an external battery machine AND the AC Mains Power Supply, add both the external battery machine, plus the AC Mains Power Supply to the basket. Or, if you would like both the internal and external battery pack, order the internal battery machine, then add the External Standard Battery Pack or External Lithium Battery Pack to the basket.

Is a normal battery or lithium battery better?
The lithium battery is half the weight, has a 20% greater capacity and can be recharged many more times. The lithium is the most popular choice, however, it is slightly more expensive.

Is the machine different depending on which configuration I select?
No. The machine itself is always the same.

Therefore, could I order a second power configuration at a later stage?

Can this machine also be used for padel?

Can I use the standard battery charger with a lithium charger?
No. The chargers are different. This product listing will not allow you to add incompatible components to the basket.

Can I use the charger to operate the machine directly off mains power?
No. You can only use the AC Mains Power Supply accessory for operating the machine directly off mains power.


  • 5
    Spinfire Pro 2 - An Excellent Choice

    Posted by Shima on 3rd Dec 2023

    I bought the Spinfire earlier this year after searching other machines. It is a great choice, not that heavy, you can change the settings to suit your player and it provides several drills. The only drawback is when the court is very wet, the machine struggles, so better not to use it when the weather is not great.

  • 5
    Top Machine

    Posted by Matthew Lavers on 29th Aug 2023

    I've been using this for several months now and it's brilliant. The range of spins, speeds, angles and elevations means you can train almost any shot you want. If I've missed a few similar shots in a match, I'll setup the machine to replicate it and just drill 50 of them. I also use it for warming up before a match - put it on a drill setting and hit plenty of balls so my eye is in. The remote control is really useful, nice and light and adjusting the machine settings without going all the way to the machine is a 'game changer'. I highly recommend this machine.

  • 5
    Spinfire Pro - Excellent Investment

    Posted by JG on 21st Aug 2023

    Excellent portability: the external lithium battery version was bought. Due to weight and design, the machine is relatively easy to carry in and out of the car. The handle and wheels allow easy transportation to and from courts, and to and from the storage area in house. Excellent performance: the machine does everything as I expect it should. Great speeds, spins, heights, depths. I wondered about ball speed - YouTube showed balls appearing to travel too slow for my liking. In reality, speed is no problem whatsoever. A ball thrown at 80mph (without any spin) travels really fast! This machine provides superior and more reliable training compared to my regular training partners. If I had the chance to choose again, would I buy this machine? – absolutely!

  • 5
    A Game-Changer Machine

    Posted by Albert Prince on 16th Aug 2023

    The Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine is an absolute game-changer! As an avid tennis enthusiast, I've had the pleasure of experiencing various ball machines, but the Spinfire Pro 2 truly takes the crown. From its sleek design to its unmatched performance, this machine has elevated my practice sessions to a whole new level. What sets the Spinfire Pro 2 apart is its exceptional ball delivery accuracy. The ability to customize the ball's spin, speed, and trajectory has allowed me to replicate real match scenarios, helping me fine-tune my strokes and strategy. The oscillation feature keeps me on my toes, simulating the unpredictability of an actual opponent, making my training sessions not only productive but incredibly engaging. The user-friendly interface deserves a special mention. Navigating through the settings and adjustments is a breeze, even for someone like me who isn't tech-savvy. Plus, the remote control adds convenience, allowing me to focus solely on my game without constant interruptions. Durability is another impressive aspect of the Spinfire Pro 2. It's built to withstand rigorous use, which is crucial for anyone looking to make the most of their investment. The portability factor is also a game-changer. I can easily transport it to different courts without any hassle, making it an ideal training companion for players at all levels. In summary, the Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine has revolutionised the way I practice. It's not just a machine; it's a training partner that adapts to my needs, challenges me, and ultimately improves my game. If you're serious about taking your tennis skills to the next level, this machine is an absolute must-have. It's innovation, precision, and excitement rolled into one package.

  • 5
    Excellent Machine

    Posted by Liviu Joita on 5th Aug 2023

    Bought the machine less than a month ago. Great service from Racquet Depot UK. Prompt and very fast delivery. Great external battery and fast charging. Easy to use the little remote control. The machine is great so far - used 2-3 times. Easy to use and transport.

  • 5
    Essential Tennis Gear!

    Posted by Nathanael on 3rd Aug 2023

    This has helped me work on my one-handed backhand, which is hard to practice without a partner. So easy to use and is compact. I got the lithium battery and fast charger, with is fantastic. I can't imagine having to wait 11 hours to charge it, especially if I forgot to put it on charge the night before. The pocket on the machine for the remote isn't entirely secure. I nearly lost the remote as it is so compact, so I usually leave it in my tennis bag. Definitely Recommend.

  • 5
    Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine

    Posted by Ram on 15th Jul 2023

    Bought my Spinfire tennis ball machine recently from Racquet Depot UK after some research. I have only had it a short time but am enjoying it. I'm using it to work on improving technique and videoing myself to see my flaws. The small remote is great and the lithium battery charges within 4 hours. Glad I bought it. Recommend it.

  • 5
    Great Practice

    Posted by Craig Stark on 15th Jul 2023

    Had the machine for over a week. Had it out twice. Easy to operate and transport. Great service regarding contacting Racquet Depot UK for advice. Delivery was very quick.

  • 5
    Spinfire Pro 2

    Posted by Joseph Hartshorn on 13th Jul 2023

    Purchased the machine from Racquet Depot UK about a month ago. I am still getting used to the machine. I think it takes a little time to understand the best settings for your standard. Particularly in the combined horizontal and vertical modes. I’ve had a minor issue with the machine and I have found David of Racquet Depot UK who is dealing with me to be very professional. This is something which is personally very important to me. I have used the machine probably around 8-10 times and feel there is a lot to gain from a quality ball machine such as this. I personally bought this machine to improve my technique and keep my fitness at a decent level. The remote is so light and was a factor in choosing the Spinfire. All in all, it is a quality machine, backed up with very good after sales service.