Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery

We dispatch worldwide from our warehouse in the south of the United Kingdom, offering a range of delivery options.

How much is delivery?

Add the product(s) to the basket and select your country. All available delivery options will automatically show, with their respective delivery charge.

When will you dispatch my order and how long is delivery?

It is confirmed on the "Calculate Shipping" section on the basket page, as well as "Shipping" step upon checkout. Your order confirmation will also state the shipping details. Alternatively, go to the Transit Times page.

Can you specify a timed delivery?

It will say so in the shipping method name if delivery is before a certain time in the day.

Can orders be sent to an address other than my billing address?

Yes. Upon checkout, you may select both your billing and shipping address.

Can I collect my order from your warehouse?

Yes. Upon checkout, select the “Collection” option as the shipping method. After your order is processed, we will call or email you to confirm. Collections may be made during the listed operating hours shown on our Contact Us page.

Are all packages insured?

Yes. It is our responsibility to ensure you receive the products you order in good condition.

I have not received my order and I selected an untracked shipping method. Does that mean you cannot help?

We can still assist you. Contact Us for assistance.

Why have I not received a dispatch email?

Check your spam folder. The subject line will contain “Shipping Confirmation”. Add us as a Safe Sender to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

I have not received my order. What should I do?

Locate the “Shipping Confirmation” email for the exact shipping details and track the shipment using the details provided. If you have waited beyond the transit times, reply to this same email.

EUROPEAN UNION – Will I have to pay anything extra upon delivery?

No. The price you pay us is the final price. All orders are being shipped on specific delivery methods which bill the duties and taxes to our account for orders after 1st January 2021.

INTERNATIONAL - I placed one order but you sent the order in two packages with two tracking numbers. Why?

The weight restriction is two kilograms with PostNL and Royal Mail shipping methods. Some types of packaging can bring the order over two kilograms. As a result, some packages may need to go into two packages to ensure that each box is no greater than two kilograms. We will not charge you extra for this.

INTERNATIONAL - Who is PostNL and Royal Mail?

Royal Mail is the national postal service for the United Kingdom. PostNL is the national postal service for the Netherlands. By selecting either option, the national postal service for your country will deliver the package.

INTERNATIONAL - Is “Royal Mail Express” and “PostNL Express” the same service?

Yes, although packages via PostNL will take two to three days longer due to being routed via the Netherlands.

INTERNATIONAL - Is Royal Mail better than PostNL?

PostNL are more cost effective for most countries but take longer for delivery. Go to the Transit Times and select your country to view the exact time difference. It is also confirmed on the "Calculate Shipping" section on the basket page, as well as "Shipping" step upon checkout.

INTERNATIONAL - You have shipped my order on a different shipping method. Why?

This happens rarely but there are several reasons:

  • Your package weighs just over two kilograms. Orders may be switched from PostNL to Royal Mail because PostNL are stricter on weight than Royal Mail.
  • You have selected an untracked delivery option for a high value order.
  • The length of the package exceeds the allowable dimension for the delivery method selected.
  • An alternative shipping method is faster for the same expense to us.

Payment & Checkout

Pay directly in multiple currencies to prevent exchange rate fees.

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and direct bank transfer.

When do you charge my card?

Immediately upon submitting an order.

What currency will you charge me in?

We can charge directly in GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, HKD, DKK, SEK, ZAR, CAD, NZD, CHF, NOK, JPY, PLN and CZK via the “Visa or MasterCard” method upon checkout. For PayPal, we can charge directly in GBP, USD and EUR only.

What currency will I be charged in?

Upon checkout, it will clearly show the currency. This is based on the currency of which you are viewing prices.

Why does it matter what currency I will be charged in?

Being charged directly in your card’s currency eliminates the 3% Visa and MasterCard currency exchange fee. PayPal is 4%. Also known as a foreign exchange fee.

Why have I been charged a Foreign Transaction Fee, despite being charged directly in my bank’s currency?

Try another card or PayPal for a future order. This is rare but can happen with some banks.

Do you accept cash on delivery?



The highest level of convenience is offered for online ordering.

I would like to cancel an order.

Contact Us as soon as possible. Requests are not guaranteed.

I would like to add to an order.

Contact Us as soon as possible. Requests are not guaranteed.

I would like to remove something from an order.

Contact Us as soon as possible. Requests are not guaranteed.

Where do you ship from?

We operate and ship from one warehouse in the United Kingdom.

Are your products in stock?

99%+ are. Go to the relevant product listing to see the live stock status.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes for approved Customers. Contact Us for consideration.

How often do your prices changes?

Prices rarely change but they are live.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes. Call +44 (0)1483 317 122.

Why haven’t I received an order confirmation?

Order confirmation emails are sent automatically and immediately upon submitting an order. Check your spam folder or view the Order Status within your account.

I have been charged but I cannot see my order within my account.

You have likely placed the latest order as a guest instead of through your account. We manually link guest orders to accounts twice a week and so check again in several days time.

I need to change my email address. Why can’t I change it automatically?

Due to multiple systems, you must Contact Us to change your email address.

Can you provide a data sheet of your products?

No. We do not work with online resellers, including eBay and Amazon.

Do I need to pay 20% VAT?

For all orders shipped to within the United Kingdom and European Union, VAT will be charged, unless you are VAT registered and based in the European Union.

INTERNATIONAL - The United Kingdom left the European Union on 1st January 2021. Why are you still charging VAT?

All orders are being delivered on specific delivery methods that charge your local taxes to our account. This is funded by the VAT you pay us when you place the order.

INTERNATIONAL - I am VAT registered in the European Union. Can you remove the VAT?

Yes. Contact Us with your VAT number to have your account status changed to VAT exempt.

INTERNATIONAL - why is only DHL appearing?

PostNL and Royal Mail will only appear when the basket contents are two kilograms or less. This is the equivalent to four tennis string reels. Consider reducing the basket contents and placing multiple orders.

Returns & Exchanges

Customers have 60 days to return for refund or exchange.

How long do I have to return for refund or exchange?

60 days from the date the order is delivered to you. The product(s) must be unused and resellable as brand new.

I would like to return something. How do I do this?

Contact Us to request authorisation and be advised of the return details.

I would like to exchange. How do I do this?

Contact Us to request authorisation and be advised of the return details. You may find it quicker to reorder online and return the original order for a refund.

Who pays return shipping?

We cover shipping for defective products within the first 120 days. Customers cover all change-of-mind transactions or for issues after 120 days.

What do I do with an issue with a product?

Contact Us with the full details. Photos or videos will speed up the resolution process.

I have an issue with a machine. Does that mean I need to send everything back to you?

No. Contact Us because most issues can be resolved without the need to return anything.

How long does a refund take to show on my side?

Returns are processed within 24 hours. Cards refunds will then take two to three working days to show on the Customer’s side.

About Us

Founded in 2008, Racquet Depot UK is headquartered in Emsworth, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

How can I contact you?

You may email, call or come to our warehouse. See our Contact Us page for further details.

If I email you, how long will it take to reply?

We aim to reply within two hours during our hours of operation.

What are your hours of operation?

See our Contact Us page for the full details.

Who are your Customers?

Racquet sport players, stringers, coaches and clubs.

Are your products genuine?

YES and in ALL circumstances.

I need to speak to someone immediately and you are closed. What do I do?

Call us on +44 (0)1483 317 122 and press option 9 to be routed to a Director’s mobile phone 24/7.