In sports that use racquets, such as tennis or squash, it is common to get an injury involving the elbow. These sports tend to use the arms a lot, especially the elbow joints and ligaments during the intense action of the game. These types of injuries can be very painful and cause a great deal of discomfort during recovery. Read More

One of the ways that you can reduce the pain and help avoid further injury is through the use of elbow supports. Racquet Depot UK has a great selection of elbow supports for you to choose from that can help you deal with just about any type of elbow injury or pain you might be experiencing.

One of the reasons you might need one of the supports from Racquet Depot UK is to help provide extra support and stability in the joints of your elbow. A good support will restrict the type of movements you can make with your elbow so that movements that might cause strain or pain on the joint are prevented. The type of support that you need will vary depending on what part of the elbow has received an injury or is experiencing some type of pain. A common injury sustained in this area of the body is tennis elbow. Racquet Depot UK has some tennis elbow straps you can get that will help cut down on the amount of strain that is occurring on the tendon. Most straps designed to help with tennis elbow are one size fits most so that just about anyone with any size arm can use one of these straps and get the relief and support they need.

When you use a support bought from Racquet Depot UK, you need to make sure that you properly care for the support so that you can use it again properly in the future. Make sure that you clean the support regularly, especially if it is worn during game play. You will sweat on the support and it will need to be cleaned. Racquet Depot UK has a great selection of name brand supports made by manufacturers like Band IT, Babolat and Aircast. These manufacturers produce some of the highest quality elbow supports you will find on the market. When you buy a product from a trusted brand, you are making a good investment in the physical wellbeing of your body so that you will enjoy many years of playing your favourite sports.

  • ProBand Therapeutic Exercise Ball
    £12.95 (Inc. VAT)
    £10.79 (Ex. VAT)

    ProBand Therapeutic Exercise Ball

  • DonJoy CondiLax Elbow Support
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    DonJoy CondiLax Elbow Support

  • ProBand BandIT XM Therapeutic Armband
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    ProBand BandIT XM Therapeutic Armband

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    ProBand BandIT Therapeutic Armband
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    ProBand BandIT Therapeutic Armband

  • Aircast Pneumatic Tennis Elbow Armband
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    Aircast Pneumatic Tennis Elbow Armband