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Penta Premium 3600 + Wise 2086 Stringing Machine

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The Penta 3600 + Wise 2086 configuration represents the best value for money electronic stringing stringing out there. Competing against top branded stringing machines for tension head features, the Wise 2086 has been proven over many years to provide consistent accuracy and complete ease with stringing and tensioning. This package is one of our most popular options and includes a plethora of features:

- Electronic tension mechanism with digital LED display and precise tension accuracy, accurate to within 0.10lb. Tension within a few seconds and reset the gripper with a tap of the button.
- Constant linear string gripper with true constant pull avoids any tension loss during the stringing process.
- Tension range in both pounds and kilograms from 11 to 89 pounds (5 to 40 kilograms), using a converting button.
- Optional pre-stretch functionality at either 5% or 10%.
- Included diablo reduces stress on the string, particularly useful for soft strings. 
- Different linear gripper pulling speeds, depending on the type of string.
- Power input with fuse protection.

- Six-point mounting system [the highest in the machine market], eliminates any possibility of racquet distortion.
- 360 degree swivel turntable with two stainless steel clamp base bars.
- Four adjustable micro-adjustable mounting arms, depending on the size of the racquet frame.
- Four heavy duty K frame shoulder supports that provide ultimate support to any tennis, squash, badminton or racquetball racquet when stringing. The shoulder supports are dual-adjustable from each of the two towers, saving time.
- Two dual action, all metal, swivel cone lock clamp bases, handling any type of racquet. 1/4 of a turn to lock, simply using a thumb.
- Ball bearing turntable device, resulting in a fast, easy and smooth turntable movements.
- Option to apply a brake to the turntable; useful for certain type of racquets.

- Micro-adjustable head and throat mounting posts, accommodating any length racquet.
- Padded throat mounting posts, resulting in no cosmetic damage to the frame.
- All metal machine base with four rubber legs, designed to go on any flat surface.
- Strings any tennis, squash, badminton or racquetball racquet, whether an oversized, wide or long body type racquet.
- Two tennis, squash and racquetball clamps are included with the machine. Badminton clamps are required for stringing badminton racquets, as a separate purchase.


  • 5
    Best Stringing Machine for the Price

    Posted by Sergey on 5th Aug 2018

    This is my first purchase of a stringing machine. My son plays several times a week and regularly needs to restring his racquets. The best part is the Tension Head which is very precise. Very pleased.

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    Super Stringer - Tremendous Value for Money

    Posted by Andy Taft on 2nd Oct 2017

    Five months ago, I bought a Pro's Pro Pilot from Racquet Depot UK so that I could restring my badminton club members' racquets. It was a learning exercise and I found the machine easy to use. I also restrung a tennis racquet and a squash racquet to test both my ability and the machine's capability. Then word got around via my members, and I started to get restringing requests from other clubs. I decided to upgrade to an electronic stringing machine and on the advice of Racquet Depot UK went for the Penta Premium with Wise 2086 Tension Head - an excellent recommendation. The stringing jig itself has a real quality look and feel - well machined and finished components, smooth positive adjustments, and the four side frame gripper heads are held onto the adjustable arms with large knurled knobs that for me are an attractive and practical design feature. The Wise 2086 Tension Head is a lovely piece of kit - beautifully designed, immaculately finished and an absolute joy to use. The gripper jaws are a work of art, and move smoothly and silently with the lightest touch. I have a minor obsession with tension accuracy and consistency, and this machine certainly panders to this. It strings in 0.10lb tension increments and is accurate to +/-0.10lb. And it's ability to maintain a constant tension is a great asset, particularly as the tension can vary whilst clamping on or off, or where unexpected relaxation of the string would otherwise reduce the tension. I can string quickly and accurately, which is vital with demand going up. The Universal Clamps supplied by Racquet Depot UK only have four fingers as compared to five on my previous Fixed Clamps. But it's proven the better option as the Fixed Clamps are smaller and more manageable, and will fit more combinations of string pitches when clamping. I had budgeted for a Yonex ST7000 but I'm absolutely delighted with the Penta Premium.