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Noene Tennis & Padel Ergonomic Insoles

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Noene Tennis & Padel Ergonomic Insoles are ideal for athletes who perform intense and dynamic activities. These 3D Insoles are to replace the original shoe insole. They feature a double layer of Air Foam and EVA to ensure elasticity and comfort, which strengthens the insoles during a change of direction and jump. Protection is provided by a total of 5mm in this 3D insole, which includes 1mm of Noene which helps to support the parts of the foot that have the most pressure including a specific heel insert, which is coated with a breathable, quick drying fabric to ensure maximum hygiene and comfort.

NOENE is an innovative vibro absorbent elastomer shock absorbing technology. This technology is made from part of the rubber family and uses a lengthy and complex production process resulting in a high quality material, starting from just 1mm in thickness. Formed by crystalline microcells which are part of the rubber family and then combined with design and specifications to create Noene Insoles.

The outcome is excellent elasticity and cushioning to distribute the load evenly and ergonomically, regardless of the frequency of impact, to ensure the highest levels of protection. The main feature of Noene is the viscoelasticity, which gives it the unique ability to absorb and disperse the negative energy of shock and vibration.

Noene Insoles have been designed to stand the shock of every day activities, excellent at absorbing shock, then transferring the impact into energy and absorbing it to protect feet from the shock. Being extremely light and very thin, these insoles are ideal to wear inside every day shoes for work, as well as sports and high impact activities. This in turn leads to joint protection and helps to prevent damage in the future.

Replace the insoles after two years from the first use or earlier if used heavily. Wash in warm water with mild soap and rub with a non-abrasive sponge.