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MSV Mini STT Electronic Tension Measuring Device

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MSV Mini STT Electronic Tension Measuring Device is a small, battery operated, electronic device which allows players and stringers to monitor the tension of the string bed. This is an economical and handy enough device to fit conveniently into your kit bag.

Tension and accuracy can be checked and recorded before and after playing. Subsequent and periodical checks will enable you to check the tension to compare against the beginning of the restring.

Strings lose tension after time and even after storage, so this device will enable you to have consistent tension in your racquets and work out when a restring is necessary. This is all down to personal choice.

To use the MSV Mini STT Electronic Tension Measuring Device, simply clip it onto the string bed. Touch the frame of the racquet with your fingers and the device will measure and display the exact tension digitally in kilopond (equals kilograms). The range can be measured from 15-35 kp (kg), which is equivalent to 37-77 lbs.

Important to know: The MINI STT (as well as all other string bed tension meters) measure values that are not directly comparable to the reference values of the stringing machines. The Mini STT is therefore not suitable for checking whether a racquet has been correctly strung. Tension loss of up to 15% directly after stringing and a further 15% after the first game is quite normal.

This device will use two cell batteries (1.5Volt) which are included.

Size: 50 X 60 X 35mm