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Head Tennis Grommet Strips

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Head Tennis Grommet Strips Description

Head Grommet Strips stocked for nearly all Head tennis racquet models.

Simply provide the full Head racquet model, including the head size and string pattern in the "Your Head Racquet" field above. We will then ensure the correct grommets are sent.

The latest series racquets from Head are Graphene 360+, Graphene 360, Graphene Touch, Graphene XT, YouTek Graphene, YouTek IG, YouTek and Microgel. Please make sure you specify which, if applicable.

The image shown is a stock image and used for display purposes. Grommets sent will be an exact replacement set, specific to your racquet model, based on the information provided by yourself.

IMPORTANT! Please note we are unable to obtain grommets for the following Head tennis racquets whatsoever. Do NOT order grommets for:

- Head Composite Master
- Head Elektra Master TK15
- Head Elektra Pro TK22
- Head Elite Pro 600 18 X 20
- Head Extreme Power 16 X 19 107 TK114N
- Head Flexpoint 6 MP
- Head Flexpoint 6 OS
- Head Flexpoint Prestige MP
- Head Flexpoint Radical MP 98 18 X 20
- Head Flexpoint Radical Tour 100
- Head IG Supreme

- Head Intelligence i.S2 MP
- Head Intelligence i.S2 OS
- Head Intelligence i.S12 MP
- Head Intelligence i.X3 MP
- Head Intelligence i.X5 MP

- Head Intelligence i.X6 MP
- Head Intelligence i.X6 OS
- Head Intelligence Prestige MP
Head Intelligence Radical MP 98
- Head Intelligence Radical OS
- Head Liquidmetal 2
- Head Liquidmetal 4
- Head Liquidmetal 8
- Head Liquidmetal Flexpoint Prestige MID 93
- Head Liquidmetal Flexpoint Prestige MP 98 18 X 20
- Head Liquidmetal Instinct MP
- Head Liquidmetal Instinct Tour XL
- Head Liquidmetal Prestige MID
- Head Liquidmetal Radical MP
- Head Liquidmetal Radical Tour MP
- Head Microgel Instinct MP
- Head Microgel Instinct Team
- Head Microgel MG.2 MP 102
- Head Microgel Prestige Pro
- Head Nano Ti Sonic
- Head PCT Ti Sonic

- Head Prestige 600
- Head Prestige Classic TK52
- Head Prestige Classic XL TK10
- Head Prestige Tour 600

- Head Pro Stock TGK 237.2
- Head Pro Stock TGK 237.3

- Head Pro Stock TGK 237.4
- Head Pro Stock TGK 238.1
- Head Pro Stock TGK 260.2

- Head Pro Tour 280
- Head Pro Tour 690
- Head Pure Competition
- Head Radical Tour 630
- Head Radical Tour 690
- Head Satellite Tour Classic 102 18 X 19
- Head Ti Fire MID
- Head Ti Heat Comfort
- Head Ti Radical MP
- Head Ti Radical OS
- Head Ti S1
- Head Ti S2
- Head Ti S5
- Head Ti S8
- Head Ti. Carbon 7000 Titanium Mesh
- Head Tritech 6000
- Head Trisys 690
- Head YouTek Prestige Pro

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Head Tennis Grommet Strips Reviews

  1. Excellent Grommets

    Posted by on

    I am very happy with the speed of dispatch and the fact that the sets matched exactly the racquet I needed the grommets for.

  2. Excellent product

    Posted by on

    Excellent product. Same quality and easy to fit.

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