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Aircast A60 Ankle Brace

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The Aircast A60 Ankle Brace is lighter than the Airsport and fits in with virtually any sport and street shoe. Gives good protection after rehab.

Created with the athlete in mind, the Aircast A60 provides a winning combination of simplified application, effective support, protection and comfort during sports.

- A60 stabiliser guards against rollover and helps prevent sprains.
- Breath-O-Prene fabric keeps wearer cool and dry.
- Sleek, anatomic design for a comfortable bulk free fit.
- Simple single strap application and adjustment.
- Worn by Andy Murray.
- For prophylactic protection and support.

The patent pending design incorporates a sleek stabiliser located on either side of the ankle. This stabiliser is molded at a 60 degree angle to help guard against ankle sprains and prevent rollover. Manufactured from breathable material, the A60 Ankle Brace ensures that the wearer stays comfortably cool and dry, while the light-weight anatomic design easily fits in athletic footwear without creating additional bulk. The Aircast A60 is applied and adjusted with a single strap that securely holds it in place; replacing time-consuming lacing.

The Aircast A60 Ankle Brace is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, with left and right models.

SizeUKEuropeUS WomenUS MenAnkle Circumference
Aircast A60 Ankle Brace Shoe Sizing
Small Up to 6.5 Up to 40 Up to 8.5 Up to 7 25 - 32 cm (10 - 12.5")
Medium 7 - 10.5 40.5 - 45 9 - 13 7.5 - 11.5 30 - 36 cm (12 - 14")
Large 11+ 46+ 13.5+ 12+ 34 - 41 cm (13.5 - 16")

If you are on the borderline with a size, we highly recommend you opt for the larger of the two sizes.


  • 4
    A60 vs Airsport

    Posted by Gavin on 23rd Dec 2014

    I tore my ATFL in 2011 and have subsequently sprained my ankle (at least the ligaments that are still intact) twice more, though not as severely. I saw a specialist who advised considering surgery for an ATFL repair but I wasn't keen on this as no guarantees it will help and has a considerable recovery time. I also saw Andy Murray wearing the Aircast A60 for a few years and thought maybe I should give it a go. Racquet Depot UK helpfully allowed me to try both this Aircast A60 and the Airsport brace in medium and large, as I was between sizes (size 10 feet but relatively small ankles) and then return the ones I didn't want. For me, the Airsport is a better brace than the A60. The Airsport is bulkier than the A60 but still fits fine in running / squash shoes and probably would be okay in football boots laced lightly. After 1-2 minutes of running around with the Airsport on, you forget it's there. The Airsport is also cushioned and more comfortable than the A60 which has a lot more edges which I found rubbed. I feel the Airsport offers so much more support than the A60 that a little extra bulk is worth it. With the A60, you can feel it doing something but can still rather easily turn your ankle. With the Airsport, I can't turn my ankle at all by consciously trying. I imagine if you were in full flight and went over on your ankle, no brace would be able to stop you spraining it 100% of the time it but I've felt myself starting to go over a few times playing squash and the Airsport has saved the day. Which you choose probably depends on your ankle size and shape, as well as the level of support needed and the sport being played but I would recommend the Aircast Airsport 100%. Massive support, very comfy and not at all restrictive! I feel the A60 has been designed for people who need less support of something at a lower profile.

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Moni on 6th Sep 2011

    Really great product and I want to recommend to everybody with ankle problems.

  • 4
    Excellent support, but not very hardwearing.

    Posted by Samantha on 25th Jul 2011

    I tore all the ligaments in my ankle about two years ago and being a recurrent injury, it hasn't healed that well this time, so I'm left with an unstable ankle and using a walking stick. Surgery was an option, but I'm a total wimp, so opted out. The A60 supports my ankle well, although I do prefer to wear a basic elasticated support underneath too, to prevent any chafing from the plastic support and to keep the ankle warm. The A60 prevents the ankle from rolling, although it is still possible to roll slightly if enough force is applied. Overall, a good supportive brace, especially when worn with Muck Boot wellies, which I use for work. The only issue I have with this brace is its longevity. It started splitting at the seams holding the plastic support in place within 2 months, and has looked worse-for-wear since then, with holes wearing through on the grey fabric and splits in the stitching. The Velcro is well made and very sticky, but the loops which it threads through have also split on the seams. Now, 14 months after I purchased the A60, it is worn out - the plastic support has completely gone through the top of its fabric casing, and the Velcro loops have almost completely come away from the brace. So the brace is pretty much ready for the bin now. Looking to purchase another brace now as this has provided good support, but unsure if I want to spend this much money for something which is going to last about a year again. So, my advice is: when purchasing the A60, please bear in mind that if you use the brace a lot (at least every other day for several hours at a time), it won't last that long.

  • 5
    Great brace for football

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Apr 2011

    I struggle with severe ankle injuries while playing football and was recommended this brace by my podiatrist. The brace gives the ankle great stability whilst also providing the full range of motion required to play football. Highly recommended

  • 5
    Uncomplicated, simple but very effective support

    Posted by Coxy on 9th Sep 2010

    Like i said it's a simple, uncomplicated support that does a great job of supporting the ankle from running to playing badminton. One simple strap, unlike many others out there.

  • 5
    Worth Every Penny

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Aug 2010

    I looked around for ages for a brace as i fractured my ankle and snapped all the ligaments. I wanted a brace that meant that i could play any sport and not have to worry about ankle roll. This brace does exactly what it sets out to do. It is easy to use and you don't even notice it while you're playing. My ankle already feels more stable when it's off but I would advise that you wear it for your own peace of mind.

  • 5
    Fantastic support for grade 3 sprains

    Posted by Ac Elee on 25th Aug 2010

    I had a severe grade 3 sprain of my right ankle and after 4 long weeks in plaster i bought the Aircast A60 Ankle Brace because i needed a lot of support in my ankle as it was very weak and unstable. Also to help with stability when I run which it does brilliantly. I would definitely recommend using one, especially if you have a similar injury.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by LB on 18th Aug 2010

    An excellent buy for my ankle injury. After having surgery for a ruptured ligament I went over on ankle again and was put in an Aircast boot which was too heavy. I needed something lightweight which this product is. I feel confident when wearing it as the ankle is supported and it stops you going over on your ankle.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jul 2010

    Bought this after damaging ligaments in my right ankle (going over on it). Six weeks after the accident, I was going on a golfing holiday and I was barely off crutches. I bought the A60 and wore it for 4 rounds of golf. It saved me from going over on my ankle several times and I am still using it now 3 months on with total confidence. Highly recommended.