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  • >Aircast A60 Ankle Brace
  • >Aircast A60 Ankle Brace
  • >Aircast A60 Ankle Brace
  • >Aircast A60 Ankle Brace

Aircast A60 Ankle Brace

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Aircast A60 Ankle Brace Description

The Aircast A60 Ankle Brace is lighter than the Airsport and fits in with virtually any sport and street shoe. Gives good protection after rehab.

Created with the athlete in mind, the Aircast A60 provides a winning combination of simplified application, effective support, protection and comfort during sports.

- A60 stabiliser guards against rollover and helps prevent sprains.
- Breath-O-Prene fabric keeps wearer cool and dry.
- Sleek, anatomic design for a comfortable bulk free fit.
- Simple single strap application and adjustment.
- Worn by Andy Murray.
- For prophylactic protection and support.

The patent pending design incorporates a sleek stabiliser located on either side of the ankle. This stabiliser is molded at a 60 degree angle to help guard against ankle sprains and prevent rollover. Manufactured from breathable material, the A60 Ankle Brace ensures that the wearer stays comfortably cool and dry, while the light-weight anatomic design easily fits in athletic footwear without creating additional bulk. The Aircast A60 is applied and adjusted with a single strap that securely holds it in place; replacing time-consuming lacing.

The Aircast A60 Ankle Brace is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large, with left and right models.

SizeUKEuropeUS WomenUS MenAnkle Circumference
Aircast A60 Ankle Brace Shoe Sizing
Small Up to 6.5 Up to 40 Up to 8.5 Up to 7 25 - 32 cm (10 - 12.5")
Medium 7 - 10.5 40.5 - 45 9 - 13 7.5 - 11.5 30 - 36 cm (12 - 14")
Large 11+ 46+ 13.5+ 12+ 34 - 41 cm (13.5 - 16")

If you are on the borderline with a size, we highly recommend you opt for the larger of the two sizes.

Aircast A60 Ankle Brace Video

Aircast A60 Ankle Brace Warranty

This product comes with a six month warranty. Product will be replaced upon any issues arising. Warranty is serviced from the United Kingdom. Warranty does not cover misuse. International warranties will be covered to the best of our ability. Photos or video evidence, in most cases, usually support an issue without the need to return any part(s).

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Aircast A60 Ankle Brace Reviews

  1. A60 vs Airsport

    Posted by on

    I tore my ATFL in 2011 and have subsequently sprained my ankle (at least the ligaments that are still intact) twice more, though not as severely. I saw a specialist who advised considering surgery for an ATFL repair but I wasn't keen on this as no guarantees it will help and has a considerable recovery time. I also saw Andy Murray wearing the Aircast A60 for a few years and thought maybe I should give it a go.

    Racquet Depot UK helpfully allowed me to try both this Aircast A60 and the Airsport brace in medium and large, as I was between sizes (size 10 feet but relatively small ankles) and then return the ones I didn't want.

    For me, the Airsport is a better brace than the A60. The Airsport is bulkier than the A60 but still fits fine in running / squash shoes and probably would be okay in football boots laced lightly. After 1-2 minutes of running around with the Airsport on, you forget it's there. The Airsport is also cushioned and more comfortable than the A60 which has a lot more edges which I found rubbed.

    I feel the Airsport offers so much more support than the A60 that a little extra bulk is worth it. With the A60, you can feel it doing something but can still rather easily turn your ankle. With the Airsport, I can't turn my ankle at all by consciously trying. I imagine if you were in full flight and went over on your ankle, no brace would be able to stop you spraining it 100% of the time it but I've felt myself starting to go over a few times playing squash and the Airsport has saved the day.

    Which you choose probably depends on your ankle size and shape, as well as the level of support needed and the sport being played but I would recommend the Aircast Airsport 100%. Massive support, very comfy and not at all restrictive!

    I feel the A60 has been designed for people who need less support of something at a lower profile.

  2. Excellent product

    Posted by on

    Really great product and I want to recommend to everybody with ankle problems.

  3. Excellent support, but not very hardwearing.

    Posted by on

    I tore all the ligaments in my ankle about two years ago and being a recurrent injury, it hasn't healed that well this time, so I'm left with an unstable ankle and using a walking stick. Surgery was an option, but I'm a total wimp, so opted out.

    The A60 supports my ankle well, although I do prefer to wear a basic elasticated support underneath too, to prevent any chafing from the plastic support and to keep the ankle warm. The A60 prevents the ankle from rolling, although it is still possible to roll slightly if enough force is applied. Overall, a good supportive brace, especially when worn with Muck Boot wellies, which I use for work.

    The only issue I have with this brace is its longevity. It started splitting at the seams holding the plastic support in place within 2 months, and has looked worse-for-wear since then, with holes wearing through on the grey fabric and splits in the stitching. The Velcro is well made and very sticky, but the loops which it threads through have also split on the seams.

    Now, 14 months after I purchased the A60, it is worn out - the plastic support has completely gone through the top of its fabric casing, and the Velcro loops have almost completely come away from the brace. So the brace is pretty much ready for the bin now.

    Looking to purchase another brace now as this has provided good support, but unsure if I want to spend this much money for something which is going to last about a year again.

    So, my advice is: when purchasing the A60, please bear in mind that if you use the brace a lot (at least every other day for several hours at a time), it won't last that long.

  4. Great brace for football

    Posted by on

    I struggle with severe ankle injuries while playing football and was recommended this brace by my podiatrist. The brace gives the ankle great stability whilst also providing the full range of motion required to play football. Highly recommended

  5. Uncomplicated, simple but very effective support

    Posted by on

    Like i said it's a simple, uncomplicated support that does a great job of supporting the ankle from running to playing badminton. One simple strap, unlike many others out there.

  6. Worth Every Penny

    Posted by on

    I looked around for ages for a brace as i fractured my ankle and snapped all the ligaments. I wanted a brace that meant that i could play any sport and not have to worry about ankle roll. This brace does exactly what it sets out to do. It is easy to use and you don't even notice it while you're playing. My ankle already feels more stable when it's off but I would advise that you wear it for your own peace of mind.

  7. Fantastic support for grade 3 sprains

    Posted by on

    I had a severe grade 3 sprain of my right ankle and after 4 long weeks in plaster i bought the Aircast A60 Ankle Brace because i needed a lot of support in my ankle as it was very weak and unstable. Also to help with stability when I run which it does brilliantly. I would definitely recommend using one, especially if you have a similar injury.

  8. Great Product

    Posted by on

    An excellent buy for my ankle injury. After having surgery for a ruptured ligament I went over on ankle again and was put in an Aircast boot which was too heavy. I needed something lightweight which this product is. I feel confident when wearing it as the ankle is supported and it stops you going over on your ankle.

  9. Perfect

    Posted by on

    Bought this after damaging ligaments in my right ankle (going over on it). Six weeks after the accident, I was going on a golfing holiday and I was barely off crutches. I bought the A60 and wore it for 4 rounds of golf. It saved me from going over on my ankle several times and I am still using it now 3 months on with total confidence. Highly recommended.

  10. Very good product - ready steady go after 4 months since break

    Posted by on

    Fractured ankle/rehab. Thanks to my consultant who referred me to the physio department. An amazing experience, lots of hard work and regular daily tailored exercises but not for the faint hearted.

    I was advised to purchase your A60 Aircast ankle support during my one to one sessions. A well spent £50. Followed by a specialist referral, to join the lower limb exercise class, 6 in all.

    My weekly supervised gym session and my daily homework has really benefitted from the ankle support which will be used regularly for at least six months. My reward - a walking holiday in Portugal, next year. I love walking and enjoy five miles a day. Next a marathon!!!!

    However, the brace is showing signs of wear on the stockinet/netting material at the ankle strap pressure points. Please do not allow this to deter you from making this valuable purchase as it comes with a six month warranty provided you have adhered to the application and cleaning instructions.

  11. Nice support after wearing a walking boot

    Posted by on

    I bought this product after having broken my fibula and damaged the ligaments in my ankle, after the period of having had my leg in a cast and then the subsequent 'walking boot'. I used this brace for extra support whilst regaining my strength/confidence and I found it very useful.

    It is toughly constructed and will last for many months, or more, of constant, use. I would not like to have been without it. 'Breaths' well and so does not get stinky!

  12. Certainly helps my problem

    Posted by on

    I had an eversion injury to my left ankle four months ago.
    X-ray Normal so diagnosed as Lateral collateral ligament injury. Causes pain and instability especially on uneven ground. It effectively stopped me from playing golf.

    The brace has two rigid strips (grey areas on picture) and will protect the ankle from both inversion and eversion forces. It is fairly easy to fit and allows the user to then wear normal footwear.

    The only slight modifications I would suggest are:

    1. I would prefer the brace to hold the ankle in a slightly more valgus position.

    2 The angle the strap leaves the outside brace is a little to horizontal for my liking.

    Bear in mind I would not be playing golf again without it so overall I am happy with the purchase.

  13. Quality product with speedy delivery

    Posted by on

    After years of playing squash with no problems I suddenly began to experience a pain in the lower back which then travelled down the back of my leg. After 2 years an Osteopath diagnosed the problem as a slightly shorter right leg. The resultant heal lift worked the magic and the pain disappeared. However after a few weeks I went over my left ankle very painfully playing squash. After a few weeks recovery I went over again! The heal lift was moving my weight to the left and the ankle was not used to that. Decided to get an ankle support and this site did a good job in getting it to me quickly (next day) and the product is a very good support. Takes a little getting used to but then everything does.

  14. As expected!

    Posted by on

    After reading all the reviews I decided to buy this brace and am not disappointed!

  15. A must buy, after a severe ankle sprain

    Posted by on

    Brilliant customer service although I got it after 3 weeks (I live in Greece). The product just excellent, great support, easy to use. A must buy.

    (Admin response: Apologies, the delay was within the postal carrier in Greece as the item was passed to Greece within 4 days of you ordering the product.)

  16. Great for netballers out there!!

    Posted by on

    Over the years, whilst playing netball, I have gone over on my ankle several times causing ligament damage. Therefore I really needed an ankle support that would give me the confidence to play without the worry of doing it again. I tried on a few supports in sports shops, and they were either too lightweight giving little support or too restrictive and bulky that I couldn’t even get a trainer on. The Aircast A60 whilst a little more than I was originally planning to spend is fantastic. It is supportive and lightweight. I can play netball with confidence, and it was so worth the money. Would definitely recommend.

  17. Impressed, shame stitching came away after just a day

    Posted by on

    Very impressed with the support provided. Still allows you to play sport without being hindered. Noticed that the stitching came away a day after I first used it and would not expect this for the price paid.

    (Admin response: please contact us for this rare problem. We can get the item replaced if there are problems as Aircast do provide a 6 month warranty)

  18. I used this after standing on a hockey ball during a game

    Posted by on

    It is a great support and stops your ankle from rolling inwards after an injury such as mine. It feels a little strange having a piece of plastic under the arch of your foot but you get no blisters or chaffing from a high foot impact game such as hockey. It is very comfortable
    and you feel confident when wearing it.

  19. Used it for volleyball after a strong ankle injury

    Posted by on

    Great support and not 'too much' for everyday training and VB games. Feel the support but also lets your ankle to perform well (compared to a strapped ankle).

  20. Used it for snowboarding to support my dodgy ankle

    Posted by on

    Brilliant customer service. I opted for collection as I work in Guildford and it went very smoothly and I was impressed with the level of service, great ankle support too - no problems at all :))

  21. Very comfortable yet robust support

    Posted by on

    I bought this as recommended by my consultant. Although a little expensive I thought I'd give it a whirl as I have poor ankle stability due to playing a lot of football, playing time reducing, recovery time following injury increasing. This product has given me added confidence and feels extremely comfortable to wear. I have not had a problem since I started wearing the brace. A great buy to date.

  22. A solid good Support that can be worn whenever

    Posted by on

    I bought this support as i twisted my ankle whist playing in an international volleyball match. I have worn it to train and play ever since. My ankle is recovering yet is still weak but it is well worth buying.

  23. Overall, good.

    Posted by on

    It is a good support, I use it in my work boots that have a high ankle on them and it is brilliant. It holds the foot to run over uneven ground, really good... however, being female and having small ankles, it doesn't hold my ankle as much as I would like to in trainers, even with the smallest brace. I have had to make some modifications to get the brace tighter around the ankle bones, however, this is a foot fault and not the product!! The product is good and Racquet Depot have been really helpful trying to sort out the best fitting brace.... I have others friends who use this brace and swear by it....

  24. Good firm support to stop your ankle from twisting etc.

    Posted by on

    I purchased two of these ankle supports (one for each ankle) as whilst playing badminton, I have managed to cause damage and tear to the tissue around my ankle several times that caused a lot of pain, resulting in 6 months of healing time before being able to play again. As a torn tissue is never the same, this support does assist my now "weak" ankles and does stop them twisting the ways they shouldn’t do. It has a fairly solid strip down both sides that keeps your foot in place but still allows enough movement for sports.
    The only bad thing I can say is, they are not the most comfortable, but a choice of that or 6 months repair time and potentially not being able to walk properly again, then it is certainly worth investing the small amount to protect your ankles. Do read the instructions to ensure you use the right one on the right foot and remember the support un-does with Velcro so you can slide your foot in without stretching it unnecessarily. By the way, I looked everywhere for a cheaper one of these and Racquet Depot are the cheapest by far.

  25. Brilliant, I can play badminton again

    Posted by on

    This brace is pretty good - after a very bad ankle injury, I can play near normal badminton without the fear of rolling my ankle. It's not cheap but it does the job - buy it and start running on the court!

  26. Stability for Football

    Posted by on

    I play five and seven a side football and kept going over on my weak ankle. The support has stopped that happening and now I can play with freedom and confidence!

  27. Very comfortable and user friendly on the ankle

    Posted by on

    I have used the ankle guard for squash and tennis and it is very comfortable for both sports.

    Since I have almost recovered from my pulled ligaments 6 months ago from a squash injury this has assisted me to get back into my squash and tennis with confidence of the support that it offers.

  28. Must be the best support out there!

    Posted by on

    I bought this for my husband who has suffered with his ankle for some time now. It's something that comes and goes but is made worse by exercising, so when he got this support and found out how much it helped he was over the moon. A bit expensive I know, but well worth every penny.

  29. Best lightweight brace on the market

    Posted by on

    I am an orthotic clinician and ordered one of these for a patient. I then subsequently ordered one for myself as I am a sufferer of ankle inversion injuries. It is as controlling as the Exoform from Ossur, the Trilock from Ossur or the Swede O Lock ankle braces which are far more bulky. Excellent brace and the price on this website is the same as I can get it at trade prices from the supplier. The supplier didn't do next day free delivery though!

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