Tennis Wristbands

If you are an avid tennis fan and regularly participate in this exhilarating sport, then you are definitely not alone! Millions of people from every country across the globe love to play the sport of tennis and regularly get involved in various competitions as well as matches just for the fun of it. Tennis is a very intense sport that involves a lot of running, jumping, and other various physical movements. The fast pace of the game combined with the skill that is needed to play usually makes for a great workout. No workout can truly be called great unless it makes you break a sweat! Read More

As sweating is common while you are out on the tennis court, this can pose a problem for those playing sports, as the sweat can travel down your forehead and into your eyes. Sweat entering the eyes can make it very difficult for you to see the ball or your opponent so that you can volley the ball back and anticipate your opponent’s moves. Sweat getting into your eyes can also be painful, which is always unpleasant. One way that tennis players, both professionally and those who play for fun, solve this problem is through the use of tennis sweatbands, whether it be bandana, wristbands or headbands.

Racquet Depot UK has many different types of tennis sweatbands to help absorb the sweat from your forehead and prevent it from getting in your eyes. Not only can you get sweatbands from Racquet Depot UK for your head, you can get them for your wrists as well. The purpose for wristbands is that they help prevent sweat from your arms from rolling down your arm and onto the handle of your racquet, making it more difficult to keep a good grip.

Racquet Depot UK has several different styles of sweatbands that you can get for your head. One style is a traditional elastic sweatband and the other is a bandana style. You can get all these different types of sweatbands in some of the biggest name brands in tennis. If you are a big fan of Head products, you will love their high quality sweatbands and wristbands. You can also find similar products manufactured by Babolat, Prince and Wilson, three of the biggest names in the world of professional tennis. If you have been looking for a way to help get rid of the sweat in your eyes during game play, these sweatbands are the perfect solution.

  • Yonex Wristband 1 Pack
    £5.95 (Inc. VAT)
    £4.96 (Ex. VAT)

    Yonex Wristband 1 Pack

  • Karakal Jumbo Wristband 1 Pack
    £4.95 (Inc. VAT)
    £4.12 (Ex. VAT)

    Karakal Jumbo Wristband 1 Pack

  • Head Wristbands 5" 2 Pack
    £6.95 £8.95 (Inc. VAT)
    £5.79 £7.46 (Ex. VAT)

    Head Wristbands 5" 2 Pack

  • Head Wristbands 2 Pack
    £5.95 £7.95 (Inc. VAT)
    £4.96 £6.62 (Ex. VAT)

    Head Wristbands 2 Pack