Tennis String Dampeners

Tennis is a game filled with unexpected twists, shocking strikes and rapid-fire returns. The one thing guaranteed is you have to be ready for anything when you step onto a tennis court. The element of surprise is always used by the top tennis players to gain the upper hand. What that means for the racquet and the body is a lot of wear and tear and a lot of shots that will require quick thinking. Without a way to absorb the shock of big hits and return them, you cannot consider competing at the highest levels in the sport. Tennis shock absorbers allow you to make every shot without worrying about distractions. Racquet Depot UK has dozens of tennis string dampeners in stock, from specialised dampeners to affordable economy size packs that make shopping easy. Read More

String dampeners allow tennis players to focus on what really counts: delivering every shot the way you intend it to be. When the vibrations rattle a racquet, you will find yourself distracted and more likely to return the ball in a less precise way. Over time, these vibrations can wear on the elbow. In fact, it is the cause of what is called tennis elbow. Finding shock absorbers to cut down on these vibrations will allow every player a more comfortable swing.

Beyond the relief shock absorbers can give to the body, these devices can make your shots straighter and more accurate. Cutting down on vibrations is a way of improving control on the tennis court. Can you imagine hitting a perfect shot when your racquet has been rattled over and over? It becomes more difficult with every vibration. Putting an end to that could improve your game remarkably.

Racquet Depot UK has a wide variety of tennis shock absorbers from all the major brands, including, Babolat, Head Prince, Pro’s Pro, Tecnifibre, Wilson and Yonex string dampeners. Every tennis player in the pro or amateur levels – and every level in between – needs a tennis string dampener to maximise their performance. Racquet Depot UK delivers tennis string dampeners that the pros use at affordable prices.