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Table Tennis is a popular racquet sport throughout every part of the world. Whether you play the game professionally or whether you play with your family at home, table tennis is a lot of fun to play. Read More

One of the leading manufacturers of table tennis products in the world is Double Fish. This company is located in China. Double Fish is part of the Beas brand and has been producing table tennis equipment for competitions since the late 70s and early 80s. Double Fish table tennis balls have become a staple of every serious ping pong player around the globe as a result of the hard work and great designs of each of the ball products.

One of the most interesting things about Double Fish is that much of the different types of equipment this company produces are used in major table tennis competitions all around the world. The table tennis games that were played as a part of the 2008 Olympic games used Double Fish table tennis balls and other types of equipment. This was the year that the Olympic games were held in Beijing. Along with the Olympic games, the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games also used products created by Double Fish.

Double Fish makes a lot of great products for those who are into playing table tennis. Double Fish table tennis racquets are some of the best, highly crafted racquets you can get on the market. The racquets, or bats, as they are called in many countries, feature one side that is completely smooth and the other side that has pimples on it. These great bats are available from a durable wood material.

If you have a worn out racquet or are looking for a different feel for the racquets you use, try out the respectable Double Fish brand at an extremely affordable price.