Squash Grips

Squash is a high energy game that requires lots of speed, accuracy, and control in order to win games. Your key weapon in achieving victory on the court is both skill and a good racquet. Having a good racquet will help you take the skills you have developed and push them to the next level so that you can stay competitive. One of the elements of an excellent squash racquet is the grip. The grip is essential for the successful execution of every swing you learn, so it is important that when you are looking through the wide selection of racquets available from Racquet Depot UK, you keep in mind the type of squash grip that is on the racquet. Read More

Racquet Depot UK has an outstanding selection not only of racquets, but of high quality replacement grips. There are a lot of different reasons that someone might have for replacing a squash racquet’s current grips for brand new ones. One of the main reasons for replacing grips is slippage. The purpose of these grips is to help you hold on to the racquet so that you can use it more effectively. Grips are supposed to be absorbent to prevent the racquet from slipping while you are taking a swing. Having a slip during your swing can end up costing you the game in certain situations. If you have been using a racquet for a long period of time, it might be a good idea to look through the selection of squash grips at Racquet Depot UK and replace your grips before the slippage starts.

The grips available from Racquet Depot UK are made from some of the most high quality name brands and the most high quality materials on the market. You want to make sure that the grip you purchase is tacky, but that it also absorbs the sweat from your hands so that you get a good hold on the racquet during game play. You will also want to take into consideration the thickness of your grip. The thicker the grip is, the more comfortable the racquet will feel in your hands.

If you are looking for super high quality grips, you can find name brand grips from Wilson, Tecnifibre, Prince, and Head. These name brand squash racquet grips are trusted and used by squash players from around the world, which means you know the products will work well and improve your playing style.