Squash Balls

Squash balls are one of the most essential pieces of equipment needed to play this exciting game. There are different types of squash balls that are designed differently depending on the skill level of the individual playing the game, the type of gameplay, and even the conditions of the atmosphere and environment. Read More

Racquet Depot UK has a huge selection of different types of Squash balls that will suit any player of any skill, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional. Along with offering you different types of balls for different skill levels, you will also find that Racquet Depot UK sells some of the top squash ball name brands so that you can rest assured the product you purchased is high quality.

Since squash balls come in so many different varieties, most of them are colour coded to match their specific characteristics. If you purchase double yellow dot squash balls, these are known for being incredibly slow and having very little bounce to them. Single yellow squash balls are also very slow and have a low bounce to them. Red squash balls are known to have a very high bounce and are usually a medium speed, while blue squash balls are high speed and high bounce. Green and white balls both have a slow speed, but decent bounce. Racquet Depot UK has all these types of squash balls in various package sizes depending on how many of the balls you need.

If you are brand new to the game, you might want to consider purchasing a few practice balls that are typically blue. The reason these practice balls are excellent for those just getting into the sport is that they have good bounce, which means they stay airborne longer, giving a player more time to set up a shot. When you buy new squash balls, it is highly recommended that you break them in first before using them in actual game play. You can break them in by hitting them around fifty times. Make sure that when you are finished playing, the balls are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next time you play.

Some of the top name brands that Racquet Depot UK offers are Dunlop, Wilson, Prince and Head. These are some of the top name brands that some of the world’s most dedicated squash players use, so you can be rest assured when you purchase them that they will exceed your expectations for superb game play.