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Head Tennis Racquets

Head tennis racquets are the favourite of many top tennis players including Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova. In fact, approximately 30% of the top 100 ranked men’s tennis players use Head’s tennis racquets. READ MORE

Head offers a huge selection of tennis racquets that are suitable for all types of players from novice to professional. The Head Radical was used by the legendary Andre Agassi and the Head YouTek IG Radical is the favourite of Andy Murray. Top-selling series of Head tennis racquets include the YouTek Graphene and the Head YouTek IG series racquets. Head have been able to combine superior technologies to perfectly match the player’s individual needs. Whether the game is aggressive as well as adventurous or consistent and smooth, the YouTek technology enhances the performance and brings out the best in the player.

Head’s latest YouTek Graphene series of racquet frames have been designed for Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic. Graphene is considered the lightest and strongest material in the world. Head YouTek Graphene technology is integrated into the racquet shaft, making it more stable and allowing an optimised redistribution of weight. The weight for the Graphene Head tennis racquets has also been shifted to the tip of the grip, providing better manoeuvrability and increased swing weight. With this new distribution of weight in the racquet, players generate more kinetic energy when they hit the ball. This results in more power being generated with less effort.

Graphene technology was discovered in 2004 and consists of two single two-dimensional layers of carbon atoms. This material has a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel, making it the ultimate substance for creating new Head tennis racquet frames with exceptional properties. Graphene technology allows for the first time an optimal redistribution of weight in Head racquets. Through the use Graphene in the shaft, the weight in the middle part of the racquet can be reduced. Instead, the weight can be shifted to more functional areas of the racquet, such as the tip and grip. This ensures Graphene will give opponents a real hard time.

Head offers a few different options of tennis racquets for children. Head Graphene Instinct Junior 26 is a smaller version of the racquet favoured by Tomas Berdych and Maria Sharapova. Made with the same technology, the racquet is ideal for juniors aged between nine to 11 due to its lively feel and manoeuvrability. Head Graphene Speed Junior 26 is the kids’ version of Novak Djokovic’s weapon of choice. Aggressive juniors can wield it effectively to play a great modern game as it offers plenty of spin and power with control. HIDE

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