The truth of the matter is, when you play sports, you are risking injury. Of course, you hope this does not happen, but almost anyone who takes part in athletic activity will suffer from something, even if it is just as minor as an ankle sprain. Read More

The most common injuries will have to do with strained, inflamed or damaged muscles and tendons. These kinds of injuries are often not serious, but they can be painful and they can hinder your ability to take part in daily activities. The most helpful way to deal with such injuries is through cold therapy.

It has been proven again and again that the answer to strained muscles and tendons is the cold. It used to be that the only way to achieve this was through ice packs. Thankfully, though, technology has led to many advances in cold therapy that can help you deal with the injured or strained area much more quickly. You will find that there are a whole line of cold therapy items that are even based on the part of the body that needs the therapy. No longer will you have to rig up something to tie an ice pack to an ankle or elbow. Instead, you can choose a cold therapy item that will offer the therapy along with other added benefits, such as, massage and bracing. This will be much more helpful than any other method of dealing with a minor injury.

We offer a whole line of cold therapy items that are designed specifically for athletes. In our line up, you will find foot and ankle wraps, knee wraps, elbow wraps, shoulder wraps and foot sleeves. We offer these cold therapy products from several different brands, including Aircast, DuraSoft, DonJoy and Acu-Life. We even offer cryo cuff coolers that will keep the cold therapy cuffs made by Aircast and Donjoy as cold as they need to be and ready when you need to use them. The cold therapy items that we offer do provide dual purposes. Some of them provide bracing abilities to give more support to the injured area. Some of the cold therapy items restrict movement so that you will not injure the area even more.

The cold therapy items that we provide are offered to you at competitive rates. We know that you need access to these helpful items and we will not make you feel as if you have been overcharged.