Badminton Strings

Badminton is a game of skill that requires its players to not only be highly skilled, but to also have the best quality equipment possible. One of the most important pieces of equipment involved in the game of badminton is the badminton racquet. You want a racquet that will give you the speed, manoeuvrability, and power you need to send the shuttlecock crashing over the net on your opponent’s side of the court. One of the most important parts of any good badminton racquet is the strings. Read More

Racquet Depot UK has an awesome selection of badminton strings for your racquet. One of the most important aspects of picking out strings for your badminton racquet is quality. You want strings that are dependable and durable as well as delivering the power your swing craves. The strings from Racquet Depot UK are produced by some of the most popular brands out on the market including Ashaway, Babolat, Wilson, Head, and Yonex. These strings are made from high quality materials that will last through even the toughest of matches.

Another important aspect of choosing good badminton strings for your racquet is the gauge of the strings. The gauge can be defined simply as the thickness of the strings. The thicker the strings are that you put on your badminton racquet, the longer they should last you. With thicker strings you will lose a little bit of speed and power in your swing but your strings will last a lot longer. Thinner strings will provide you with a great deal of power and speed, but will break more often as well. Racquet Depot UK has a vast range of string gauges for you to pick from, depending on your playing style and preference.

When choosing badminton strings, you will want to pick a string that provides great repulsion rate. The repulsion rate will be what determines the strength and force exerted on the shuttlecock during the game. The higher the repulsion rate, the faster and harder your returns will be.

If you have been playing badminton for a while and have not yet changed the strings on your racquet, it might be time for a change. You can look through the selection of strings available from us and find the perfect strings to take your game play to the next level and give you the extra power your swing has been missing.