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  • >Kneed IT Knee Support
  • >Kneed IT Knee Support
  • >Kneed IT Knee Support
  • >Kneed IT Knee Support
  • >Kneed IT Knee Support
  • >Kneed IT Knee Support

Kneed IT Knee Support

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Kneed IT Knee Support Description

Kneed IT Knee Support targets the physiological causes of pain that is associated with Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) to the knee for the amateur and professional athlete alike. The Kneed IT is an innovative and unique device, scientifically designed to assist in the relief of minor knee pain associated with Arthritis, Tendonitis and Chondromalacia. This is achieved by placing gentle pressure along the medial and lateral soft tissues of the knee.

The Kneed IT provides pain relief by gently absorbing force at the knee and by exerting Anatomically Focused Dynamic Compression across the soft tissues in the front of the knee. The patented technology is a superior therapy and may be used in conjunction with traditional methods, such as taping or wrapping of the knee.

Due to the anatomic design, the Kneed IT works in concert with the motion of your knee. By stabilising the inferior pole of the patella, the Kneed IT can also improve patellar tracking.

The inventor is Doctor Donald Fareed, an internationally known practicing orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, in practice for over 30 years.

The Kneed IT is recommended for Knee Arthritis, Sprains, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Synovitis, Chondromalacia Patella, Plica Syndrome, Patellar tendinitis, Osgood Schlatter's Disease, Jumper's knee, Hiker's Knee and also Growth Pains.

One size fits most and the Kneed IT can go on either knee. The product is also hypoallergenic, made from strong and durable materials.

Designed over twenty years ago, Pro Band Sports, the maker, have sold tens of thousands of devices over the years. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered or your money back.

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Kneed IT Knee Support Reviews


    Posted by on

    Kneed IT support allow me to walk 18 holes of golf and jog 10 kilometres.

    This product is amazing and life changing. I would recommend them to anyone with painful knees.

  2. Best knee support by far!

    Posted by on

    I was recommended to try a Kneed IT support by a tennis playing friend.

    I've been diagnosed with a tear in the cartilage which requires minor surgery, but in the meantime to allow me to continue to play tennis without pain, I find the Kneed IT support works brilliantly.

  3. Gives much (k)needed support

    Posted by on

    I bought this because it came highly recommended by a friend and I wasn't disappointed.

    I had pulled a ligament in my knee which took months to heal. I play badminton and wearing this knee support allowed me to resume playing more quickly.

    My husband has arthritis in his knee, so I bought one of these supports for him. He has found it extremely beneficial and is able to walk a fair distance, which prior to the knee support, he struggled to walk at all.

    We both are so pleased with this product.

  4. Much needed support

    Posted by on

    As a relatively fit 67 year old who is troubled with arthritis, I find the Kneed IT knee support is a valuable piece of equipment in my kit bag that allows me to continue to play badminton and take long walks that may involve inclines that would be difficult to achieve without it.

    I received my first one from a local medical supplies store on recommendation of a GP but they no longer stock them and therefore I turned to the Internet, found Racquet Depot UK and was suitably impressed with the service.

    I placed the order mid afternoon and the Kneed IT support arrived at lunchtime the following day. Fantastic service - thank you.

  5. Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

    Posted by on

    I have used a Kneed It Knee Support, when hiking, for about 8 years and it is brilliant. I have no worries about walking over uneven ground or doing long distances, the Kneed It keeps my knee in the perfect position and when wearing it I have no problems with my knee whatsoever.

    I have just returned from walking in Austria where the Kneed It was invaluable. I even tried it whilst swimming and it worked well and enabled me to swim easier and longer. I have no hesitation in recommending it and I have just purchased another to make sure I have one with me at all times.

  6. Excellent Services

    Posted by on

    Great service and no delay for shipping and the support is perfect. Thanks!

  7. Excellent Product

    Posted by on

    This is the second Kneed-IT I have had - the strap broke on my first one which was my fault.

    No other product on the market comes close to the Kneed-IT and I have had instant pain relief. It's a no brainer, buy today!

  8. Highly recommended

    Posted by on

    I purchased the kneed it support after suffering for 6 weeks with severe knee pain. I had trouble going up and down stairs and I could hardly walk let alone go out for my daily jog.

    After two visits to my doctor, loads of pain killers followed by a trip to A&E, they took x-rays then said it looks like cartilage or tendon trouble, they put me on the waiting list for a MRI scan which is due the end of August.

    I had seen this type of support on a mate down the gym. After talking to him, I decided to try it for myself and after wearing the strap for only 3 days I feel a lot better and able to walk up and down stairs with no pain at all.

    Really pleased with it because it is so small and you don't even notice it on. I would recommend the KNEED IT STRAP to anybody with patella trouble - it has helped me.

  9. Granny Booster!

    Posted by on

    An excellent buy, it has enabled me to carry on playing tennis with no discomfort at all. In fact, I didn't even realise I was wearing it. I am also back walking again with no pain.

  10. Kneed IT - excellent support & comfortable to wear

    Posted by on

    Fantastic support for the knee. I was struggling to play 18 holes of golf as my left knee would give way and was painful.

    Kneed IT supports the knee comfortably and I can now complete a full round of golf.

  11. Excellent product

    Posted by on

    I have been suffering with patella tendonitis on and off for around nine months and nothing has helped until I tried Kneed IT. I can now exercise and it gives me support all day and you hardly know it is there. Would recommend it.

  12. Fantastic product

    Posted by on

    How it does it.....I do not know. ....But it does.......Great product.

  13. Confidence Booster

    Posted by on

    I have suffered from severe knee pain for some time and after key hole surgery was told that no cartilage remained and a replacement joint was necessary. Twice I have turned down this remedy as have a wife suffering from Parkinsons, so could not be out of action for the required time.

    I play golf twice a week with the help of the KNEED-IT SUPPORT and has definitely helped.

  14. Does what it says on the packet

    Posted by on

    Really pleased with the Kneed IT Knee Support. I do a fair bit of hill walking and which was becoming quite painful on long descents on one of my knees. I tried the support and could feel it working straight away, guiding my knee cap into the correct position avoiding any pain or discomfort. The following day my knee was fine. I can fully recommend this product to any walkers.

  15. A pleasant surprise

    Posted by on

    I was recommended to try the Kneed It support, and did so with some misgivings - most other types have been little or no use. I have a cartilage problem which did not respond to an arthroscopy and assumed it would be, at best, minimally effective, in view of the permanent nature of the problem. However, it proved to be much better than expected. The support is exactly correct for my problem and supports the cartilage on both sides. Last week I was scrambling (carefully) over archaeological ruins in Crete in a manner which I would not have attempted without the support. If you do not expect miracles you will love this product.

  16. Confidence booster!

    Posted by on

    Great support for the knee making me feel confident that I can walk distances and also get back to playing tennis again - well worth getting!

  17. Problem resolved!

    Posted by on

    It gave me the possibility to make movements that I could not more make (tai chi, kung fu). In Italy it's very difficult to find it in the shop so now I'm very happy

  18. Good support

    Posted by on

    Sometimes my knee gives out while ice skating and can be painful while skating or doing other exercise. However, when using the support I have no problems or pain and my technique has improved as I am no longer worrying about it giving out.

  19. Free from pain, wonderful product

    Posted by on

    I was in awful pain, and within a couple of days the pain was gone. I have worn it for the past 6 days and even the swelling is going down. I cannot praise it enough, all i can say is please give it a go if you are like me. Worth its weight in gold.

  20. Very impressed

    Posted by on

    Since receiving the KneedIT support I have been wearing it throughout the day without problem - it is both discreet and comfortable to wear under trousers. Since wearing the support it has certainly made my knee feel more stable and it has not "given way", which has been a persistent problem in recent weeks. I am recommending it to family and friends and will probably buy a second for my other knee! Buy with confidence at a fraction of the cost for the same product regularly advertised in national newspapers by mail order.

  21. Kneed-it I did need it!

    Posted by on

    This was my second kneed-it support as I lost my first one. I find it indispensable when walking, in particular over rough terrain, and gardening. Without it I suffer pain and discomfort.

  22. Great Product

    Posted by on

    Has helped my knee a lot. Great price and very comfortable to wear. Thanks

  23. Instant Relief

    Posted by on

    Found the Kneed It Knee Support very comfortable to wear and its given me instant pain relief and good support to my knee joint. I can now enjoy long walks again.

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