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Which Tennis Racquet is Right For My Child?

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Last week, we had an article on choosing the right racquet for adults, combined with the ever changing industry of racquets that are available to consumers. This time, we will help you to choose the right racquet for your child.

In the last several years, brands have developed a variety of different models for young children. During this period, the ITF (International Tennis Federation) has changed the rules for those under ten, around the world. After these changes, children are playing the official competitions in smaller courts, combined with lighter balls.

These changes makes the sport easier for children and tends to help them to succeed more from the beginning.

Some time ago, young children were not able to hit the regular balls with the small racquets and the regular racquets were too heavy for them.

Racquet Depot UK have different sizes of junior racquets and the right size for every child will depend on the age, height, strength and skills in each particular case.

Age Height Length of Racquet
Less than 4 years Less than 92cm 43cm / 17"
4 - 5 years 92 - 100cm 46cm / 18"
5 - 6 years 100 - 110cm 49cm / 19"
6 - 7 years 110 - 120cm 53cm / 21"
7 - 9 years 120 - 130cm 58cm / 23"
9 - 12 years 130 - 137cm 63cm / 25"
12 - 13 years 137 - 148cm 66cm / 26"
Older than 14 years 148cm and above 68cm / 27" - adult length

Usually, the racquet is the right length if the racquet head is just touching the floor when holding the racquet in the palm of a hand. There are always exceptions, however, this is the general rule.

The decision about the right racquet for your child can make a large difference to your son or daughter’s performance. With this information above, you should know that you have to change their racquets from time to time for your child to ensure they are playing with the correct junior tennis racquet.

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