Which Tennis Racquet is Right For Me?

Posted by Racquet Depot UK on 7th May 2014

Which Tennis Racquet is Right For Me?

Nowadays, there are a lot of different kinds of tennis racquets. There are a vast variety of different brands, different models, different colours, different sizes, weights, head sizes and so forth.

If you’re looking for a tennis racquet and not sure what is best for you, it is likely to be a very difficult choice. Usually, the famous brands are looked at, and we look for the racquets that we usually see on television, used by Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and the rest of the top professional players.

All the racquets and brands are generally reasonable, however, for all players, there will be certain racquets that are better suited than others.

The question is, ‘How do I know what is the best option for myself?’

Here are a few tips to pick the right racquet for you:

WEIGHT: racquets over 300 grams are for very strong players or high performance players. Heavier racquets provide more power but reduced swing speed.

SIZE: smaller frame racquets give players more control (up to around 95”). Larger racquets (100”+) give players more power and more chance to make contact with the ball. The smaller frame racquets are a good option for stronger players or those that hit the ball very hard. They don’t need the power as much but they need control. Larger head size racquets would be better suited to older players and a lot of ladies.

STRING PATTERN: if there are more strings (also known as a dense racquet), the racquet has a smaller space in between the strings, which means less power and more control. If the racquet has less strings (also known as an open racquet), the racquet will have larger gaps between the strings and will give players more power.

FRAME: a wider frame will provide more power.

BALANCE: if the balance is more towards the head, this is good for baseliners who like to hit the ball hard. If the balance tends to be more towards the grip, this is better for players who like to change the rhythm of their play or make a lot of volleys. This balance allows players to change their gameplay regularly and also move the racquet faster.

MATERIALS: usually racquets are made from graphite, carbon fibre and aluminum. Head have recently launched their Graphene series of Head tennis racquets which is a remarkably light material but strong than steel. Aluminum is lighter than graphite and is a good option for beginners. It is cheaper and lighter. Graphite is good for advanced and high performance players due to the stiffer frame.

After taking into account the above, you should be able to narrow your specification down.

Good luck with your decision and do not hesitate to contact our Racquet Depot UK team if you still need some assistance in deciding on your racquet!