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The Best Ways to Take Care of your Feet

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With the French Open tennis under-way and Wimbledon looming, there is a lot of tennis to be watched over this period.

There are many examples of four or five hour matches being held. Players call their trainer from time to time and in various situations, may be called on to the court multiple times in a match. It’s understandable as to the reason; players run a lot every day and every match.

How we care about our feet is one of the most important elements that is frequently ignored by aspiring tennis players.

Even if you are not a professional, if you are planning to play tennis for some years to come, it is important to pay close attention.

The main points are as follows:

Right Shoes:

Depending on the court that is played on, different shoes may be required. On clay, for example, the courts are very delicate and proper shoes are not worn, there is a large possibility of marks being made or even holes on the court itself. Besides that, players can slide on clay which can cause injuries.

Running Shoes:

When we run, we need light shoes and a very high sole to reduce the impact and prevent injuries in the knees and joints.

When to Change Shoes:

After some time, the outer-sole beings to wear away, it can become dangerous as players may lose their balance. 

When the outer-sole has worn away (the lines are barely visible), the sole becomes much thinner
, which does not help to reduce impact.

Top Tips:

-Do not use the same shoes for playing and running.
-Check your soles periodically.
-Use proper shoes for clay courts.
-Do not tight your shoes when you are not playing (that way you can relax your feet).
-Tight your shoes very carefully when you play.

Your feet are important; make sure you use the correct shoes!

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