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How Tennis Racquets have Changed Over the Years

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Over forty years ago, tennis became a professional sport and has rapidly evolved ever since.

Millions of people play tennis around the world and millions of pounds are spent on the best players. It is certainly a big business for the TV broadcasters as many fans eagerly await the largest tournaments to spend many hours in front of the TV to watch their favorite players.

As the business around the sport becomes bigger and bigger, many brands are competing in a huge market.

Today, we will have a quick look specifically at the racquets. Forty years ago, there were just a few key brands in the market. Nowadays, the market has changed substantially and there are now a whole new set of established brands, combined with many different racquets – launched every single year by the leading brands.

The biggest change in tennis racquets occurred in the late 1970s, when brands started using metal racquets over wood to make the racquets lighter and more powerful. When Björn Borg and Guillermo Vilas started to use top spin, they started to make larger tennis racquets to make top spin easier and playable for normal tennis players around the world. Back in this day, it was very difficult to hit top spin with wooden racquets as the sweet spot was very small. When top spin is applied, the ball slides on the strings and the contact with the string bed becomes larger. This means that the ball can end up going closer to the frame, making the contact unstable and the shot slower.

A few years later, graphite became a very important material for tennis racquets and many brands are still using graphite for the most competitive and professional racquets on the market. Many different racquet models are available at varying specifications.

The question to many players is what racquet should I use? What is the best racquet for myself? All the racquets from established brands are good but not every racquet is a good choice for every player. We are all different and we have different game styles, different height, different strengths and don’t forgot different ages!

Making a good choice with the racquet can help to really improve performance and results. Even more important than this though is the longer healthier tennis lives, which every player can benefit from. One other benefit to choosing the right racquet is the chance of an injury is reduced.

Stay tuned and we’ll have some great tips to making the right decision in choosing the best tennis racquet

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